Introduction to Drawing for Interior Designers

This is my second quarter in design school and I’m taking a class called Introduction to Drawing for Interior Designers.

Here’s the course description:
Introduces the application of drawing techniques used in interior design. Topics include: alphabet of lines, architectural style, geometric shapes, floor plan layouts, interior elevations, and interior pictorials.

The book we are using for this course is Architectural Drafting for Interior Designers by Lydia Sloan Cline.  The first few topics we covered include tools needed for drafting, scales, line types, geometry, triangles and templates.  Here is a  homework assignment involving measuring lines using an architect’s scale and architectural lettering.

Measuring Lines

Another topic we covered was Orthographic Drawings like the one below.  This orthographic drawing shows the front, side and top of an entertainment cabinet that I designed. 

Orthographic drawings document objects in a way that is measurable and proportionately accurate, unlike the way we see them.  We see things in perspective as in the three point perspective drawing further down on this page.  However, orthographic drawings are great for determining exact dimensions for determining space requirements for furniture.

Entertainment Center

I later used the orthographic drawing above as inspiration for drawing an entertainment cabinet for a Conservatory Project in another course.

Entertainment Center

We also learned how to draw perspective drawings like the one below.  Perspective drawings show objects as we see them and are great for presentation drawings for clients, but are not good for determining measurements of furniture or rooms (an orthograpic drawing, elevation or floor plan would suit this purpose).


To see additional drafting examples, click a photo in the flickr stream below.'s Intro to Drawing for Interior Designers photoset’s Intro to Drawing for Interior Designers photoset

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