• Website Migration

    Website Migration

    Studio M needed their website migrated from an XHTML 1.0 site to another platform that was easier to support. The...

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  • Design Collaboration

    Design Collaboration

    I believe the design process should be iterative.  The client should be involved in reviewing and collaborating in prototypes. My tool of...

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  • Wireframes


    A wireframe website provides the blue print for a website.  Like an architectural blueprint for a house, a wireframe for a...

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  • Online Portfolios

    Online Portfolios

    Studio M Interiors needed an online photography portfolio to show-off their interior design projects. They wanted to categorize their photography...

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  • eMail Newsletters

    eMail Newsletters

    My client, Studio M Interiors, wanted to start communicating with their current and former customers on an ongoing basis.  Basically, staying...

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  • Acrobat Forms

    Acrobat Forms

    Carr Products Administrative Services, LLC approached me in July of 2013 with a challenge.  Build a new website with a...

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  • Blog Design

    Blog Design

    Blogs are fun!!!  Maybe it’s because blogs allow us to be a little more casual and a little more personal than...

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  • Architectural Photography

    Architectural Photography

    I pursue photography part-time as a hobby, with a little paid work along the way. My part time Interior & Architectural Photography...

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