Susan’s Resume

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Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, 1988

IBM Corporation
Cooperative Student, 1985-1988

Chattahoochee Technical College
Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design, 2013


Microsoft Exams
• Mastering Web Site Fundamentals
• Designing and Implementing Web Solutions with Microsoft® Visual InterDev 6.0
• Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures
• Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0
• Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0
• Microsoft® Visual Basic 5.0 Programming
• System Administration of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 6.5
• Programming with Microsoft® Visual Basic® 4.0
• Programming in Microsoft® Visual FoxPro 3.0 for Windows®

Adobe Exams
• Captivate 5.5


2010-Present – UI Front-End Web Developer

During this time period I have done contract work for mulitple clients. Detailed project experience follows.

Cox Media Group – Senior UI Front-End Web Developer
Currently work for Cox Media Group (a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, Inc.), an integrated broadcasting, publishing and digital media company operating in 15 broadcast television stations and one local cable channel, 86 radio stations, four metro newspapers,more than a dozen non-daily publications and more than 100 digital services. I work in the Cox Radio technology group, currently developing a new WSB Talk Radio responsive website using Bootstrap, Sass, CSS3 and JavaScript (still in development stage).

We use GitHub as our web-based Git repository hosting service. Grunt is our JavaScript task runner used to watch for source code changes and auto-rebuild our .html, CSS and .js files. Grunt is a package provided by NodeJS’s package ecosystem, npm (the command line client that allows developers to install and publish packages).

Software tools/languages used:
HTML5, CSS3, Sass CSS preprocessor, Bootstrap v.4, GitHub, Grunt, JavaScript, Sublime Text editor.

Accomplishments include:
• Coding page layouts for responsive website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and
Bootstrap framework.
• Executing command-line interface commands to clone, create branches, add, commit, push and rebase code in GitHub against our remote repository.
• Developed the workflow for this project and documented workflow for our team of four developers.
• Executing Grunt commands to watch our HTML, SCSS and JavaScript files for changes.
• Created extensive documentation in the file of our GitHub repository documenting our working directory structure, location of UX Style Guides, Bootstrap custom breakpoints and SCSS file structure.


BluPods, Inc. – Mobile Front-End Web Developer
Worked for BluPods, an Atlanta startup, building the front-end of a hybrid mobile lifestyle app that allows group leaders to organize private groups (called Pods) and then invite clients, friends, volunteers & pupils to follow them. Leaders then engage followers through one-touch responses, across all activities of that group. Also, built the public-facing BluPods responsive website.

Software tools/languages used:
Ionic framework, AngularJS, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass CSSpreprocessor, Sublime Text editor, Adobe Photoshop Elements

Accomplishments include:
• Coded page layouts for hybrid app using HTML, CSS and Ionic framework
• Coded page layouts for responsive website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and
Bootstrap framework
• Created all graphics (except BluPods logo) for hybrid app and responsive
website using Adobe Photoshop Elements
• Coded AngularJS statements, traversing JSON structures, for dynamic data
• Maintained version control source code in GitHub repository
• Setup and used Sass CSS-preprocessor in hybrid app development
• Generated custom icon font files using IcoMoon app


Robert Half, The Creative Group – Front-End Web Developer
Worked for The Creative Group’s client, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, developing responsive, marketing campaign web sites for seasonal campaigns. As the lead, responsive front-end developer at client site, I’m responsible for determining technology selections and implementation choices. I have participated with visual designers and social media specialists in developing seven marketing campaign websites. I hand coded each responsive web site.

Software tools/languages used:
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and SharePoint Designer

Accomplishments include:
• Technical project lead for major website campaign.
• Involves coordinating and interfacing with outside agency’s developer, outside agency’s team lead, internal DBA, internal back-end developer and Director of Creative Services
• Selecting and implementing Bootstrap front-end framework and standardizing websites comps based on established breakpoints
• Hand-coding responsive, marketing campaign websites in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap
• Implementing and documenting coding standards for client
• Creating web specification document for clients’ outside vendors
• Creating new master .ASP pages for new sites in SharePoint
• Working with social media specialist to integrate social media features into client’s websites
• Uploading videos to YouTube and embedding videos in web pages


Atlanta Symphony Orchestra – Independent Front-End Web Developer
Reported to the Director of eBusiness and Interactive Media. Provided support and updates of ASO main website:

Software tools/languages used:
HTML5, CSS3, Komodo Edit 8 (HTML Editor), Sitecore CMS, Adobe Photoshop

Accomplishments include:
• Updated HTML pages using Komodo Edit 8 (HTML Editor)
• Uploaded HTML pages to Sitecore
• Input forms data into Wufoo Forms for customer online ticket purchases
• Edited and prepped images in PhotoShop for website


Carr Products Administrative Services, LLC. – Independent Front-End Web Developer
Worked on an Adobe Forms project involving designing a WordPress website and providing custom online .pdf forms to auto dealers.

Software tools/languages used:
HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Adobe Acrobat XI, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word 2010, SnagIt 11

Accomplishments include:
• Purchased domain, installed WordPress, set up and configured WordPress website
• Converted Microsoft Word documents to Adobe Acrobat .pdfs
• Set up Adobe Forms Central account to accumulate submitted form data
• Created work process flowchart and client documentation in Microsoft Word utilizing SnagIt for screen captures


Studio M Interiors – Independent Web Developer
Provided web design/development, photography, technical support and technical writing services.

Software tools/languages used:
HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom , SnagIt 11, Microsoft Word 2010

Accomplishments include:
• Purchased domain, installing WordPress, setting up and configuring WordPress
• Migrated website from outdated platform to WordPress platform
• Created online portfolio of projects on WordPress website in HTML, CSS and using Adobe Photoshop to edit images
• Created HTML formatted newsletter in MailChimp. Prepped images in Adobe Photoshop
• Created various social media graphical icons in Adobe Photoshop and PaintShop Pro
• Photographed projects and edited photos in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom
• Wrote and documented extensive company business procedures in Microsoft Word
• Technical writing and documenting client questionnaires in Microsoft Word and DocuTools
• Created various company templates using Microsoft Word
• Created client inspiration sheets using Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop


Pixel Interiors Photography – Interior & Architectural Photographer, Web Designer
Designed and implemented a website on the Zenfolio platform. Took interior & architectural photos.

Software tools/camera equipment used:
Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Photomatix Pro for HDR multi-exposure blending, Zenfolio website platform, CamRanger iPad software
Harware used:  Canon 5D Mark II, PocketWizard Mini TT1 transmitter, PocketWizard Flex TT5 transceiver, Canon 430EX II Speedlite, Yongnuo YN560 Speedlights, tripods, wireless CamRanger, iPad

Accomplishments include:
• Created company logo in Adobe Photoshop
• Styled website to match brand using as the platform
• Connected website to PayPal account for online credit card transactions
• Captured compelling photographs for architects and interior designers using my Canon D5, wide angle lens, CamRanger and assortment of photography equipment
• Implemented Adobe Lightroom to handle workflow of my photography
• Edited photographs using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, blending often from multiple exposures for highlight and shadow recovery to make an image which is then corrected for fine detail exposure, color, and lighting


2005-2010 – Stay at Home Mom

During this time period, I took time off from work to raise two children.  I served as a volunteer parent coordinator for KIDS Church, a teacher for Girls in Action, and volunteered extensively in my childrens’ school.


1996-2005 – Independent Software Developer and Trainer

During this time period, I worked as an independent software developer and trainer. Detailed project and training experience is as follows.

Independent Microsoft Certified Trainer
Taught courses on a contract basis for New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Southern Polytechnic University (Continuing Education Department) and out-of-state training centers. Consistently delivered professional and highly interactive course presentations resulting in excellent ratings in student evaluations.

Accomplishments include:
• Contracted with established training centers nationally
• Evaluated and assessed training materials
• Assessed and customized course content when appropriate for specific clients

Student comments include:
• Very patient, knowledgeable and exciting [instructor] • The instructor was GREAT!! Wish they all would have been this quality
• The course and teacher were the best of the whole series in the Web Dev. Programming track
• The instructor brought a lot of practical knowledge & experience to the class
• Great job, very impressive! Tremendous knowledge of product!

Georgia Pacific – e-Commerce Developer
Worked in Georgia-Pacific’s Building Products, e-Commerce group assisting in the design and development of an e-Commerce website. Accomplishments include:
• Assisting G-P project leader in writing design specification document for the Replenishment Support System, an e-Commerce application through which G-P’s Building Products vendors view and update purchase orders with shipping information.
• Creating a Data Flow Diagram using Visio to document flow of data through system.
• Modifying Visual Basic DLL’s to use the Document Object Model to produce XML documents.
• Coding XSL style sheets which transform XML documents into HTML for display in browser.

Tax Partners, LLC. – Senior Technical Team Lead
Helped design a Tax Compliance software system using the latest Microsoft technology which serves as the in-house system through which the company’s core business is conducted. Hired and managed a team of developers who built the system.
Accomplishments include:
• Interviewing and hiring 4 contractor programmers and 1 permanent IS programmer. Setting goals for and managing this group of developers.
• Developing and maintaining a project plan in Microsoft Project98. Presented project plan to investors and founders of company as documentation of necessary number of programmers and length of project.
• Attending meetings with partners of the company to provide technical IS advice and direction.
• Designing the architecture for 3-tier client/server system for TRACS (Tax Remittance and Compliance System) Phase 2. TRACS Phase 2 is developed in Visual Basic 6.0 using Access97 and SQL Server 7.0 databases.
• Determining correct relationships between tables and implementing referential integrity in TRACS Phase 2 database.
• Writing conversion program to convert TRACS Phase 1 data to Phase 2 data so that testing could begin.
• Standardization of naming conventions for column names in tables and variable names in code.
• Creating a database to track contractors’ time and what we have paid them.
• Designing and implementing the TRACS Phase 2 error handler.
• Designing, coding and implementing customer web reporting via the Crystal Reports web viewer and ActiveX document from the Tax Partners web site


1990-1996 – Worked as an Employee for the following Companies

Software Service Corporation/GTE – Programmer/Analyst
Provided programming support (FoxPro, XBASE, SQL) for GTE’s RentalPhone Inventory Tracking System (RITS). RITS is a FoxPro 2.6 for Windows, multi-user application used to track cellular phone inventory.
Accomplishments include:
• Coding modifications and enhancements for major new release of RITS.
• Coding SQL queries for testing/troubleshooting.
• Coding calls to API functions via FOXTOOLS.FLL a DLL included with FoxPro.
• Quality assurance testing involving multiple test cycles of RITS features.

QuickData Systems, Inc. – Programmer/Analyst
Designed, coded and implemented a Point-of-Sale, multi-user application for 3-store clothing consignment store chain using FoxPro 2.5 for Windows.
Accomplishments include:
• Developing product specifications for the system.
• Developing logical data model including documentation of all entities, attributes, data ranges and relationships between entities.
• Determining table structures and report layouts. Determining efficient compound indexes.
• Coding the application in FoxPro 2.5 for Windows integrating barcodes on price tags.
• Coding the system as an event-driven application utilizing the foundation read.
• Coding all programs (incorporating record locks for multi-users), reports, queries, labels and screens.
• Developing code for integrating barcode and receipt printers through the use of ASCII files containing printer codes.
• Developing test model for both unit and string testing. Conducting acceptance testing with customer.
Provided FoxPro programming support for telecommunications company.
Responsibilities included:
• Designing and coding a multi-user Windows application that gives non-technical employees access to the reports and data necessary to do their jobs.
• Monthly downloading of large zipped SDF ASCII files via modem using Crosstalk for Windows.
• Writing DOS batch files to unzip multiple SDF ASCII files.
• Coding reports to track agent commissions.
• Writing programs involving low-level reads in order to selectively import records from ASCII input files.
• Optimizing SQL queries in FoxPro in order to determine fastest access to data. Average data file was 15 MB.

MetLife – Programmer/Analyst
Provided programming and DBA support for MetLife’s Asset Database. The Asset Database resided in both an SQL/DS (VM) and a DB2 (MVS) database environment.
Accomplishments include:
• Converting and testing 26 COBOL II programs with embedded SQL. Most of these programs accessed joined views.
• Conversion involved loading new DB2 tables using the Load utility. Since old tables were dropped and recreated, the dependent COBOL II/SQL programs required a rebind.
• Granting LOAD, STATS and IMAGECOPY on database containing new tables.
• Creating SYNONYMS on appropriate IDs for new tables and views.
• Granting EXECUTE and BIND authority on plans to OPC/ESA production ID.
• Running EXPLAINS at bind time, during testing, to determine types of joins and access paths. Various scenarios are executed to evaluate performance improvement. For example, increasing number of matched columns on index scan, forcing the use of indices, forcing a tablespace scan on a large table when many rows are retrieved.
• Writing JCL for precompiling, compiling and binding DB2/SQL programs.
• Writing JCL for tape processing, GDG processing, temporary datasets, cataloged and instream PROCS.
• Executing RECOVER and REORG utilities in SYSTEST.
• Regularly querying catalog tables to check grant, synonym, index, table and database status.
• Running RUNSTATS utility on tables every month to maintain optimal access for DB2 optimizer.
• Using DSN commands for determining status of a database, table, utility or for terminating a utility or starting a tablespace or indexspace.
• Using DSN command to determine the phase of a utility before restart.
• Using Cross System Product (CSP) for unloading, manipulating rows, and then reloading tables.
• Writing SQL for creating and dropping objects in SQL/DS QA environment.